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Improve the presentation of your
2D drawings by giving them a 3D effect under Pv2024
Freed from the heavy handling of 3D objects, this new version of PERSPECTIVE, which will be released in January 2024, has been enriched with new features. 
In order to improve the presentation of drawings, Perspective Pv2024 gives the possibility of very simply applying volume and rotation to selected parts of a 2D drawing seen from the front at an angle ranging from -60° to 60° , at the discretion of the user.

Applying a 3D effect to a 2D drawing brings many advantages:
No more need to draw models with a particular pause to improve its presentation, draw this same drawing in front view and duplicate
it with more or less volume on the chosen areas and under a defined angle, Perspective does it for you in a way simple and quick. See these few examples

Time required for this achievement: 10 minutes

Example of a basic 2D front view drawing, with its 2 views from different angles. Perspective 2024 allows not only to give volume to a 2D drawing but also to rotate it by an angle of /- 60° with a straight effect or at an oblique angle, here (Face, 45 and -45°)

Note: only the face and the body without arms were selected for the creation of these 2 additional views.

Time required for this achievement: 10 minutes

In this example, we can see how faithfully the front image was preserved after a 45° rotation. This method allows a large number of views with only the Face image. The presentation possibilities are multiple, we thus obtain several visuals which can be assembled on an A4 format.

Time required for this achievement: 5 minutes.

Under Perspective 2024, it is very easy, starting from a 2D drawing (Face of Front), to obtain different views according to the needs of the fashion stylist. This evolution in the creation and presentation of fashion projects significantly enriched the final rendering of a design.
3D effect on a 2D drawing with PERSPECTIVE v2024

The new Perspective features dedicated to the presentation of fashion designs can be considered as the final touch to a project, allowing the author to better promote his creations.

Drawings created by Serena Donigaglia Digiacomo.
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